About Leon Victor St.Patrick de Landre-Grogan.
Leon's parents were Francis St. Patrick Vernon de Landre-Grogan and Bertha Elizabeth Dixon. They were married on 14 March 1883 at St. Pauls Parish Church, Dublin. Leon was born in Dublin on 14 December 1883. He had an older brother, George William born 9 November 1880 in Dover. The birth certificate for George had no mention of a father, so he was given the surname of his mother, which was Dixon. Leon also had two sisters, Bertha Frances Lilian born 31 October 1885 at Hougham, Dover, and Lena Mary born 27 August 1887 at Nanpean, St Stephens, Cornwall. Bertha went on to marry James Batson Stephens MD in 15 April 1914 at Rangoon, Burma. Lena went on to marry John Wilson on 5 January 1907 in Haileybury, Ontario, Canada.
At twenty, Leon married Elizabeth Ellinor Robeson on 19 December 1903 at the parish church, Romford, Essex. In June 1904 they had their first child, Dennis Herbert, at Islington, followed by Kathleen Lilian in September 1905 at Westham, Francis Victor in September 1907 at Romford, Ellinor Mary in December 1909 at Romford, Patrick Leon in June 1912 at Romford, Ernest Frederick on 19 January 1914 at Romford and Lena on 28 March 1915 at Romford.
In 1915 there was an outbreak of Diphtheria. On 8 October 1915 Patrick died aged three, and on the same day Dennis died aged eleven. Two days later Ellinor died aged six. Six days later Francis died aged eight and three days later Kathleen died aged ten. It is believed at some point Ernest and Lena were sent off elsewhere, so they survived.
Leon joined the army, and his attestation papers were signed on twelfth of December 1915. He was mobilised on 2 October 1916. Prior to this he was living at 3 Laurie Square, Romford, working as a Stock Exchange accountant. In September 1917 Leon and Elizabeth had another child, Mollie Patricia at Romford, Essex. George, Ernest, Lena and Molly each grew up to marry and have children. Leon was awarded the Military Cross and the citation was
Ernest with MC Military Cross "On the night of September 22/23rd 1918, near Gaurelle (north of Arras) for conspicuous gallantry and good leadership during a successful minor operation. He led his platoon against an enemy trench and successfully cleared it and carried out consolidation. The following night the enemy counter-attacked in force but were driven off with loss. The success of the operation was greatly due to his able leadership and fine example to his men".
On 13 October 1918 Leon was killed in action aged 34. Leon's son Ernest, aged 4, was presented with the MC on behalf of his father.
That's My Wife's Husband After the death of Leon, his wife Elizabeth moved from Laurie Square, Romford to Midhurst, Northview Drive, Westcliff on Sea. In 1920, Elizabeth married William (Bill) Dines. By that time she was living at 172 Elmsleigh Drive Leigh on Sea. When visitors came to the house, Bill would refer to the picture on the wall of Leon in a deck chair, saying “that's my wife's husband". Elizabeth died in 1953 and Bill died in 1955.