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1 1841 Census aged 20, living at Bucklands Street, Buckland, Dover Brown, William (I389)
2 1841 Census aged 20, living at Bucklands Street, Buckland, Dover Kirby, Caroline (I390)
3 1841 Census Possible sister Jane Emma Dixon born Q3 1838 Cambridge Vol 14 Page 12 Dixon, Herbert Charles (I62)
4 1851 Census at Widowed living at 26 Watchbell Street Rye Kent working as Railway Porter.
With son Herbert 
Dixon, Edwin James (I379)
5 1851 Census Caroline claimed to be 35 Kirby, Caroline (I390)
6 1851 Census Living at 9 Council House Street Dover was William Brown, Caroline Brown, Eilabeth aged 7 and Mary aged 10 months.
Other Census's agree with the 1851 dates. 
Brown, Elizabeth Ann Fanny (I378)
7 1851 Census William claimed to be 35 Brown, William (I389)
8 1851 Census William was a railway porter Brown, William (I389)
9 1861 census, also living at Grove Ferry Station, Wall End, Chislet, Kent was:
Mary Ann Dixon aged 22 unmarried, born at St Johns Margate she was a governess. 
Dixon, Edwin James (I379)
10 1871 occupation Station Master Dixon, Edwin James (I379)
11 1871 Q4 Blean Vol 2A Page 1335 Family: Edwin James Dixon / Susanna Gibbs (F127)
12 1880 on his birth cert. George William, mother Elizabeth Bertha Dixon, a Dressmaker at 54 Oxenden Street, Dover. Father not on Birth Cert.
1901 on his marriage cert. George William Algernon Vernon de Landre-Grogan, a clerk.
1906 on his son's birth cert. George Algernon Willian Dixon de Landre-Grogan, a Silver and Copper miner.
1914 on his death cert. George Willian Algernon de Landre-Grogan, as a Mech. Eng. and Journeyman of Cobalt Canada.

Dixon, George William (I15)
13 1881 Census - William was alive, 1891 Census Caroline is widowed Brown, William (I389)
14 1881 Census Retired Station Master living at Yew Tree Cottage, German Street, Winchelsea Sussex Dixon, Edwin James (I379)
15 1881 Census: RG11 687 41 Page 7 address 121 Gordon Rd, Camberwell: Bastable, Elizabeth, Diana, Thomas, Frances, Walter, Selina, Bastable E, William. NO Lucy NO Kate Family: Bastable Samuel Martin / Elizabeth Ann Brock (F18)
16 1881 living at 8 Campbell St, Paddington Family: George William Dixon / Gertrude Emily Mary Potten (F12)
17 1891 Census Rg12 469 16 Page 23 address Ferdale, EastDulwich Grove, Camberwell: Sydney, Kate, Herbert, Elizabeth, Kate. Family: Sydney Robeson / Kate Elizabeth Martin (F6)
18 1891 Census RG12 469 16 Page 23 address Rabenstone, East Dulwich Grove, Camberwell: Bastable, Elizabeth, Diana, Frances, Ernest, William, Lucy(Jackson) Harry Jackson Family: Bastable Samuel Martin / Elizabeth Ann Brock (F18)
19 1891 Census Still living with Susanna at 5 Gorden Terrace Westham Street Norway Eastbourne, Sussex.
Also in household is Florance May Ratcliffe - Neice - General servant aged 13 born Hythe Kent.

Dixon, Edwin James (I379)
20 1901 Census Bertha with son Leon at 124 Upton Lane West Ham Bertha claimed to be "Widowed" (so not living with Francis) Dixon, Bertha Elizabeth (I18)
21 1901 Census, at 90 East Dulwich Grove, Camberwell. Elizabeth Ann Brock 71 (head),Diane Alicia 46, Lucy 44, Frances 35, Selina S 31. Bastable had died in 1899. Family: Bastable Samuel Martin / Elizabeth Ann Brock (F18)
22 8 October 1908.
The Steamship Dominion left Liverpool bound for Quebec. Third class ticket number 83157 was held by Bertha Grogan aged 43, occupation domestic, traveling unacompanied claimed to be Irish.
This MAY be our Bertha, her daughter Lena was in canada who married John Wilson two years later in 1910. Also her son George was in Canada.
Dixon, Bertha Elizabeth (I18)
23 8530 THE LONDON GAZETTE, December 6, 1907 bth Battalion, The Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consort's Own); Major (Honorary Captain in the Army) F. Vernon de Landre Grogan de Vernon is granted the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Dated 23rd October, 1907. de Landre-Grogan, Francis St. Patrick Vernon (I14)
24 8e654 Potten, Arthur Harold (7)
25 Address in 1911 Union Workhouse 118 Briercliffe Road Burnley. Blackburn, Heaton (I544)
26 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I363)
27 As Francis was born in 1855 in Bansha, Tipperary, it is likely that Charles was born in Ireland about twenty to thirty years earlier (about 1825-1835).
Although Francis used the surname de Landre-Grogan, he referred to his father as Charles Grogan, profession Gentleman.
There was a Patrick Grogan christened in 1855 at Bansha. The parents were Rody Grogan and Honora Landers. This could be Francis St Patrick.
No record has been found of a marriage between Rody and Honora.
It is possible that Francis started using the surnames of both his parents, altering Landers to de Landre making it sound French.
As a matter of interest there is a pub in the village of Bansha named "Grogans" 
Grogan, Charles Rody (I19)
28 Birth Ref. Dec 1848 Burnley Vol 21 221 (last digit not clear) Blackburn, Heaton (I544)
29 Birth ref. Jun 1880 Burnley 8a239 Blackburn, Benjamin (I539)
30 Birth Ref. June 1908 Burnley 8e279 Blackburn, John (I543)
31 Birth Ref. Mar 1906 Burnley 8e188 Blackburn, Mary (I541)
32 Birth Ref. Mar 1911 Burnley 8e198 Blackburn, Ralph (I46)
33 Birth Ref. Q1 1876 Dover Vol 2A Page 948 Dixon, Jessie Emily (I387)
34 Birth Ref. Q2 1850 Dover Vol 5 Page 143 Brown, Mary Georgianna (I391)
35 Birth Ref. Q2 1872 Dover Vol 2A Page 851 Dixon, Edith (I386)
36 Birth Ref. Q3 1843 Dover Vol 5 Page 108 Brown, Elizabeth Ann Fanny (I378)
37 Birth Ref. Q3 1861 Dover Vol 2A Page 693 Dixon, Alice maud Mary (I383)
38 Birth Ref. Sept 1907 Burnley 8e273 Blackburn, Margaret (I542)
39 Brick Maker Brown, William (I389)
40 British Municipal Health Officer for Rangoon and Consul of Siam. Stephens, James Batson MD (I81)
41 Cambridge University Alumni - Matric, non-coll. Michs 1886 de Landre-Grogan, Francis St. Patrick Vernon (I14)
42 Cause of death (1) Diphtheria (2) Cardiac failure de Landre-Grogan, Kathleen Lillian (I5)
43 Cause of death (1) Diphtheria (2) Cardiac failure de Landre-Grogan, Dennis Herbert (I4)
44 Cause of death (1) Diphtheria (2) Cardiac failure de Landre-Grogan, Francis Victor (I6)
45 Cause of death (1) Diphtheria (2) Heart failure de Landre-Grogan, Patrick Leon (I8)
46 Cause of Death - Tabes Dorsalis Dixon, George William (I15)
47 Cause of death Diphtheria de Landre-Grogan, Ellinor Mary (I7)
48 Cause of death Heart Attack Heaney, Wray Nancy (I289)
49 Data from Catholic Parish Records. 8 Mar 1855. Bansha. Record of Pat Grogan with parents Rody Grogan and Honora Delander. But Frances/Pat claimed to be Protestant.
Grogan, Charles Rody (I19)
50 Deat Ref. Mar 1915 Burnley 8e297 Blackburn, Heaton (I544)

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